Australia Revokes Djokovic’s Visa Again, Refuses to Acknowledge Natural Immunity • Children’s Health Defense

Commenting on today’s news, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., chairman and chief legal counsel of Children’s Health Defense, said, “This is a clear indication the Australian authorities regard this as a political matter, not one that has anything remotely to do with public safety.”

Kennedy explained Novak’s appeal for a medical exemption from vaccination is “squarely based in long-standing evidence” around the superior protection offered by natural immunity compared to vaccination.

“The science hasn’t changed over the last five days. Why the waffling around his visa status? Morrison’s attempt to frame the Australian citizens as the victims of Djokovic’s private health decision is a naked exercise in tyrannical political power. The ‘sacrifices’ of the Australian people Morrison refers to aren’t sacrifices at all. They are injuries borne of his nonsensical policies, and Djokovic is bringing international attention to them.”

Two independent panels associated with Tennis Australia and the Victorian state government had granted Djokovic a medical exemption on the grounds he was infected with COVID in December. The federal government argued, under its rules, previous infection with COVID is not a valid reason for an exemption.