Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet; You Can Check in, but You Can Never Leave (Hospitals)

Dr. Elizabeth Lee Vliet from Truth for Health Foundation lays bare what’s been happening inside America’s hospital system over the last two years, bringing to mind the 1977 dystopian Eagles’ hit song, “Hotel California,” where people can check in, but they can never leave

Where once people could sign out of the hospital against medical advice (AMA), the Foundation’s COVID Care Strategy Team has sometimes needed a show of force from police, attorneys, media and family members to liberate patients from a hospital

Hospitals have good reason to want to keep patients from leaving since the government has incentivized them to keep you there and watch you die, paying bonuses for every patient tested, admitted or treated with remdesivir for COVID, for every COVID patient on a ventilator and every COVID death

Human rights attorney Thomas Renz estimates each of these bonuses can potentially add up to $100,000 extra per COVID patient; this may be one more reason why hospitals are not administering safe and effective medications like ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine

Vliet cautions people not to get overwhelmed by fear, and instead take action; get prepared with a COVID survival kit and make an action plan if you must be admitted to the hospital

VIDEO: https://www.brighteon.com/3f64ee04-b547-4ecc-89e2-bfd91881cc9c

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