Dr Kelly Brogan MD On Spiritual Bypass And Spiritual Novocain: Are you running from yourself into the light?

New Agers and Bypassers enter the Karpman drama triangle as the Rescuer, aligning with an identified victim—personal or anonymous—that they believe their right action is uniquely available to support. The drama triangle needs a villain, an enemy to judge and condemn even as we preach and even demand love and validation for the identified victim. “Do the right thing and wear a mask to protect grandma” has many hidden assumptions including: doing the wrong thing for me and the right thing for her is the right thing for both of us; that the consequences of not doing so are clear and bad; that doing the wrong thing makes me a bad person; that health is about avoidance of germs; and that grandma’s assumed fears (death) are more important than my assumed fears (comfort and convenience).

These assumptions make no room for the very real danger inherent in my bodily self-sacrifice, coerced compliance, engagement in a paradigms of belief that is inauthentic to my values, and the indelible mark that self-betrayal leaves on my personal alignment. You can sense the inauthenticity of spiritual claims because they do not as they say—there is an incoherence in the expression and what it feels like to be delivered the expression (cruel, pious, and judging energy that claims to be compassionate and altruistic). You can feel the shadow waiting to leap out from beneath the veil of light.

In the current plandemic, the concept of vulnerability is defined by a belief in germ theory and avoidance of death as sacrosanct. The individualist perspective, on the other hand, allows for there to be as many vulnerabilities as there are people, exposing the futility and even dehumanization in prizing one over another. Should Tom’s aging and ill body and associated risk of further illness and death trump Mary’s sexual abuse history and associated panic attacks? What about Conney’s dog phobia? And Roger’s deathly bee sting allergy? Collectivism denies the individual in service of the anonymous individual, ironically denying the collectivist’s deeper unmet needs, herself.

Because of the resistance to shadow work, Bypassers are far more concerned with the hurt of an anonymous victim than the hurt in their real lives, much of which they may play a very active role in driving. Look to your real life relationships for cues that you are playing out victim dramas while telling yourself you’re saving the world.

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