One thought on “US Canada Truck Convoy Border Protest, And Coward-19

  1. Methinks Coward-19 is actually Donald “Don’t Call Me A Pussy” Trump and Trudeau is just a mini-me of Trump. He vainly imagines he came away from the Wuhan Military Olympics of 2019 with the trump cards so to speak over the other 100 nations. From 2016-2018 he whined for two years non-stop about how Hillary was hitting him with her purse.  Wuhan was MULTI-FACTED and even has a psi component as Agent Nappy reminds me. Trump is playing out his MAGA Qtard plan in which MAGA is a Satanic Cult designation which Dana tells us. If she posts that Bitchute here I will pass it around. 

    MAGA = Murder All Gullible Americans.

    Look at how many GULLIBLE AMERICANS Trump murdered even in 2020 though Dr Rancourt and Dr Ardis see different aspects of HOW he did it. Laura from Vancouver will see none of this because that is the consequence of false witnessing and idolatry and also as she says “Nobody fools me”. She fools herself.  Franklin AIETBIBLE Tik Tok


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