Books like ‘Maus,’ ‘The Bluest Eye’ and more have been banned

In a unanimous vote this month, a school board in Tennessee banned “Maus,” a graphic memoir about the Holocaust that won a 1992 Pulitzer Prize, from the eighth-grade language arts curriculum.

This week, a Missouri school district voted to pull Toni Morrison’s debut novel “The Bluest Eye” from shelves.

Students, parents, authors and book groups have been outraged by the recent uptick in banning of books — especially of those that discuss race and sexuality. The American Library Association told NBC BLK in a statement that its Office for Intellectual Freedom reported 273 books were affected by censorship attempts in 2020. In December, over 600 authors, publishers and groups joined together to condemn the banning of books in public school libraries.

today Books like ‘Maus,’ ‘The Bluest Eye’ and more have been banned

What you can do; buy banned books, and encourage local libraries and school libraries to buy them them.