Dr. Robert Malone’s Message To Freedom Convoy


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Fascism is defined as combining corporations and billionaires, together with their control of government, against the 99 percent.

Desperation is there… via attacks against Joe Rogan, disappearing 10 million dollars raised on two different social media platforms, are the evidence of that.

Neil Young sold 50 percent of his rights to hedge funds. How much control do they have over his actions, and statements?

The ‘science’ has been revealed to be nothing but fraud and deception as whistleblowers reveal the data was rigged, manipulated and faked.

The censorship has been ramped up, not allowing any dissent, just like in a full blown fascist regime.

Coercive jabbing policies are not based on freedom, but rather on bribes, threats, fear and panic, which produced mass formation psychosis.

The truth is like a lion. Let it loose and it will defend itself.

Dignity binds up together, and gives us meaning and value.

The jabs are NOT WORKING. They are not safe and immunity wears off quickly.

In contrast, natural immunity works, is broad and effective.

These injected products cannot achieve herd immunity.

We need to stop the ’emergency’ declaration globally, because none exists.

If there is risk, there must be choice, as this is the fundamental bedrock of medical ethics. To deny this is to deny human dignity (and freedom).

Children are not here to protect us. We are here to protect our children. Self harm, suicide, drug abuse, bullying, coercion and worse have become the norm. IQ levels have dropped. Injecting children with genetically modifying products to protect the ‘seniors’ is not even logical.

They do not prevent infection, transmission or anything else. Big Pharma is totally immune to any lawsuit around these injections, and you will be completely alone if and when your children are harmed, get sick or die as a result of these injections. Get informed. Do not let anyone tell you what to do.

If they are damaged, no one one is going to be there to help you, and you will have to carry this load yourself.

We will overcome.

Integrity, dignity, courage.

Dr. Robert Malone’s Message To Freedom Convoy

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