ER Nurse And Biochemist Nicole Siratec Details Cruel And Inhumane ‘Treatments’ Inside Hospitals

Doctors and nurses are just ‘following orders’.. She details how many patients died from lack of treatments, and malfeasance, despite them being available.

Only experimental products like Remdesevir were ‘allowed’, which we saw killed the patients. Now it is an ‘approved’ drug that is still killing patients. They have less than a 25 percent chance of survival if they get more than 2 doses. Now it is being rolled out to children and teens/young adults as ‘early treatments’.

She fought with a doctor for 30 minutes, to get EKG for 10 year old that had gotten vaccinated the day before.. Hospitals refuse to report vaccine injuries because of an embedded PROFIT MOTIVE.

Our healthcare is now 3rd world level, it has degenerated so far. Patients are not being fed or being given water. Nurses are not allowed to give basic standards of care in hospitals. Hospitals are now ‘concentration camps’.

Nowhere in the US is a person isolated for hundreds of hours, not even prisons. But now ‘patients’ are isolated from their loved ones, family members, and parents, even during their last days. This is cruel and inhumane.

Crimes against humanity