Why Trudeau can’t cave to Truckers: Terrell – YouTube


Why is the NY Times calling for police or military to come and ‘squash’ legal truckers protests, when they never did this for BLM protests in Canada or the US?

Principles are not a one sided affair. Principles such as the right to protest are universal, no matter what the political ‘stripe’ is.

Why are double standards seeming to be applied, to the truckers protests, but not to BLM protests?

Why as Big T tweeting support for and thanks to front line truckers in 2020, who had ZERO PROTECTION from the COVID-19 virus, but they kept on working anyways, but now they are nothing but terrorists who need to be punished just like foreign terrorists, via the War Powers Emergency Act?

Why were truckers thanked and supported by Big T in 2020, but now that they have a legitimate grievance in 2021, he is refusing to even talk with them, and throwing them under the bus, truck or even ocean liner, because they are so evil and demonic?

Why Trudeau can’t cave to Truckers: Terrell – YouTube

Big T cannot and will not let his people go, just like when the Pharaoh of Egypt kept the Jews slaves/prisoners and ‘mandated’ things that were just inhumane, cruel and unusual.