Gulag Canada – Vancouver MD is Imprisoned & Drugged for Warning Us |

“Last month, Dr. Mel Bruchet, left, was at his Vancouver home with Dr Daniel Nagase and Dr Charles Hoffe. Four squad cars and eight police arrived at Dr Bruchet’s home. The peaceful and honorable Dr Bruchet was handcuffed and taken to Lionsgate Hospital.

In another warped chapter from the criminal covid agenda, after hours in handcuffs, this intelligent peaceful eighty year old physician was drugged then forcibly committed to a psychiatric ward. There he was denied his basic rights like telephone access. He was drugged with anti-psychotic medications. These anti-psychotics are contraindicated in elderly people because it gives them strokes and heart attacks. He had two mini-strokes (TIA’s), and was put through mental health hearings which were kangaroo courts attempting to focus on his thoughts about the covid ‘vaccines”. Though his thoughts are based on well founded scientific facts, the institution labelled his thoughts as “delusions”: evidence of his “dementia or psychosis”.

This is where we are folks; a complete crisis of legitimacy of government and institutions. Unquestionably dangerous and deadly injections are being forced on the masses. Even children are being targeted, injected, damaged and killed. Like the rest of us, even pregnant women are lied to, coerced and injected, before many of them give birth to dead babies.

Meanwhile, a wise responsible physician, one of our respected elders, who stands up for the truth and our well being, is handcuffed, drugged, and locked up.

If you don’t believe me, you’ve probably never heard the names Renate Andres-Auger, Jack Cram and Bruce Clark. They are Vancouver lawyers who were dragged from the courtroom, drugged, disbarred and committed to a mental asylum when they attempted to expose this clique in the 1990’s.

Gulag Canada – Vancouver MD is Imprisoned & Drugged for Warning Us |

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