Canadian Parliament cancels meeting as police clear out protesters – TheBlaze

The House of Commons was supposed to continue debate on whether to affirm the use of the Emergencies Act to crack down on the anti-vaccine-mandate protests. But in a message to lawmakers, House Speaker Anthony Rota announced the House will not sit because “a police operation is expected to take place on Wellington Street and other locations in the downtown core of Ottawa.”

“Given these exceptional circumstances, and following discussion with all recognized party leadership, the sitting today is canceled,” Rota announced.

Parliament began debating the use of the Emergencies Act on Thursday and is scheduled to continue debate until Monday evening, when the House will hold a vote.

Under the law — which grants the government significant powers to curtail civil liberties to protect national security during an emergency — Parliament must consider the invocation of emergency powers within seven days, or it will expire. If either the House of Commons or the Senate of Canada votes against the motion to confirm the declaration of an emergency, the emergency will end.

Canadian Parliament cancels meeting as police clear out protesters – TheBlaze

What Canada has right now is a police state, under martial law and a dictator who is the DIRECT LEADER of all police in Ottawa, since the police chief resigned, and no replacement is there. Got a fascist dictatorship?