I stupidly fell for crypto scam & lost £176k savings after woman randomly texted me and duped me with touching story

“We kept talking for many hours every day about many things, and one of the things she was very excited about was some new crypto currency that she thought will be the next bitcoin,” he told Reddit.

“I had always been thinking about investing in crypto, but knew very little about it and told her I wasn’t interested, but she didn’t seem to mind at all and we just kept talking about other things.”

Crypto currencies are unregulated and do not answer to any financial authority, to which you could turn to, in the case of a large-scale scam.

A moderator from Reddit, familiar with the scam known as “pig butchering” urged Redditors to be wary of the ploy which is becoming increasingly common in the crypto community.

I stupidly fell for crypto scam & lost £176k savings after woman randomly texted me and duped me with touching story

The ‘long haul’ jabbery con job or scam relies on trust, friendship, mutual interest, and greed. First the scammer or con artist gets your trust, then establishes a friendship with long conversations, and then hooks you in with greed, sure fire riches that no one else has access to.

The jabbery con job going on first relies on trust in authority figures, such as politicians, actors, doctors, who say… jabs have always worked, have always been proven safe and effective, so this new one, is just like those… even though it has nothing at all do with any previous ones, and is completely risky, full of negative side effects, short, medium and long term, which are not even pointed at.

The jabbery con job going on relies on friendship and networks that are trusted just like friends, but these people are almost all getting PAID to say or do these jabbery things, making them unreliable and untrustworthy.

The jabbery con job going on promises FREE GIFTS, and a FREE jab, but they don’t talk about how if and when you are hurt or worse, that there is nothing anyone can do to help you. None of the people involved can be sued, and no one is accountable for the harm and deaths that they cause, by LAW.

The jabbery con job going on also requires no research and no informed consent for it to work, because if anyone digs below the surface shallow layer of appearances, mass media fearmongering, threats, intimidation, bribes, and authority figure shilling, they find out the truth and would not touch this stuff with a mile long pole.