The Rise of Cashless Banks (And What To Do About It) | AIER

For centuries bank deposits have come with a comforting guarantee. Depositors have always been able to quickly convert them at par into cash.

But this guarantee is slowly being eroded. Banks in Canada, Ireland, Australia, Denmark, and Sweden are closing full-service branches and adopting a less-staffed “cashless bank” model. In a cashless branch, customers can no longer deposit or withdraw cash over the counter.

The Rise of Cashless Banks (And What To Do About It) | AIER

Inside of the Great Reset, all forms of money will be converted to digital assets, which can be ‘controlled’ by a few authorities or billionaires. Anyone who does not have a positive social credit score, will not be allowed to deposit or withdraw funds, and may even have their accounts ‘frozen’ or taken.

Without cash, silver or gold, billionaires who control banks and bankers can effectively hold their customers hostage at any time, or threaten them financially at any time, and for any tyrannical reason.