The Swiss Federal Council Lifted Most Covid-19 Mandates | Mining Awareness +

Bern, 16.02.2022 – From Thursday, 17 February, masks and COVID certificates will no longer be required to enter shops, restaurants, cultural venues and other public settings and events.

As Switzerland removes Covid mandates, its neighbor, Austria, is still making vaccination mandatory, unless the person pays a large fine:

Once measures are lifted, there will no longer be a need for most economic support measures. Therefore, claims for loss of earnings as a result of business closures, event bans, reduced working hours and a shortfall in outside care will no longer be possible from 17 February.  

An exception applies until 30 June for persons working in the events sector whose employment is significantly restricted due to measures to combat the COVID-19 epidemic.

The Swiss Federal Council Lifted Most Covid-19 Mandates; Mining Awareness +