Shell Carbon Capture CCS Plant Emits More Greenhouse Gases Than It’s ‘Captured’ | Tallbloke’s Talkshop

Oil companies love to tell the world about the super cool technologies that have that will allow us to keep burning fossil fuels without cooking the climate. But those technologies are largely bullshit.A new report from Global Witness documents how a much-hyped blue hydrogen plant with carbon capture and storage (CCS) owned by Shell is only capturing a fraction of the greenhouse gas emissions that the company claims.In fact, it’s created more emissions in its five years of operation than it’s captured.

Global Witness estimated that from its opening through 2019, the Quest plant has emitted more than 7.5 million tonnes of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, some 2.5 million tonnes more than Shell says it has captured.

Shell CCS Plant Emits More Greenhouse Gases Than It’s Captured | Tallbloke’s Talkshop