Canadian Police, RCMP admit sabotaging three excavators on private property during Coutts border blockade

The Canadian police admitted that they went on to private property and vandalized private property, on purpose and with intention, causing massive damage that will cost that owner a huge amount of money.

Everyone is supposed to be following the ‘law’, except for the government leaders like Trudeau, as he can declare an ’emergency’, violate all freedoms and rights, and break all kinds of laws, with absolute impunity, legal immunity and no consequences.

The government police can also violate laws with complete impunity and no accountability. So now that both government and police can violate laws, rules and even medical ethics, with ZERO accountability, how and why can they demand that citizens stay peaceful and not break ANY laws or rules, plus a bunch of made up ‘mandates’ which are not even legal?

YouWho? It would be terrible if someone were to sabotage the RCMP vehicles. Wouldn’t that be bad, you guys? I mean, someone could put sugar in their gas tanks! Someone could shove potatoes in the tailpipes! Those things would be terrible to do! What if someone SPRAYFOAMED the tailpipes? Wouldn’t that be bad???”

Got double standards?