Canadians RISE UP Against TYRANT TRUDEAU!!!


Canadians RISE UP Against TYRANT TRUDEAU!!!

IDIDNOTKNOW The riot squads with names and badge numbers covered are NOT Canadians. There are always a few bad apples in our employees wearing a public uniform and badge and weapon. Their sworn oath is to uphold the constitution and charter and if they violate that oath they have voided their authority which we allow them to have based upon that oath that they swore. i the public am your employer. Trudeau or any of our other insubordinate employees is NOT your employer and no one wearing that public uniform is duty bound to obey anyone abusing their publicly granted public position of a trust.
Trudeau and Freeland and cohorts have now violated International Law by outsourcing UN Mercenaries to confront the peaceful and loving people who have gathered together to hold our PUBLIC EMPLOYEES responsible for their insubordination. That is what we are doing. Only beggars and slaves demonstrate or protest their masters. We are neither of those things. We are living men and women and we do not allow our EMPLOYEES to turn the tables on us. We hold them accountable for their actions and these actions they have taken are absolutely insubordinate and treasonous at the highest levels.