Supreme Court Prediction for Canada Around Vaccine Mandate – LewRockwell

The federal government will implement a universal vaccine mandate for everyone in the country, probably around the middle of March when Ontario’s is set to expire.

There will be questions asked about whether this is correct within the division of powers sections of Canada’s constitution (section 91 and 92). Trudeau and his cabinet will purport to resolve the issue by sending this reference question to the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC).

On a reference, the federal government gets to frame the issues and provide all the evidence. The only issue that will be addressed is the division of powers issue. The feds will completely sidestep the question the legitimacy of vaccine passports. They won’t raise the question of Section 6 of the Charter (mobility rights), Section 7 (life, liberty and security of the person) or any other sections.

Prediction for Canada – LewRockwell