Why the West may want Russia to invade Ukraine | Al Mayadeen English

During an interview with the Guardian, a member of Azov who identified himself as “Dimitry” described Russian President Vladimir Putin as “not even a Russian” but rather “a Jew”. This characterization is almost identical to Hitler’s description of Russia in his autobiography Mein Kampf where he states that “the international Jew” dominates Russia.

That Washington may be planning to use the neo-Nazis in Ukraine against a Russian “invasion” and “occupation” is further supported by the stances advocated by the ‘Atlantic Council’, a Washington think tank that has been at the forefront of the lobbying efforts to push the Biden administration into taking a more confrontational stance with Russia over the issue of Ukraine and specifically the Donbass and Crimea regions. 

While supporting the neo-Nazis may seem like an attractive option in terms of getting Russia dragged into a quagmire similar to that which it faced in Afghanistan, this option also carries with it the danger of a severe blowback against the West. Just as Afghanistan became a base for extremism following the withdrawal of Soviet Troops which culminated in the September 11 attacks, Ukraine is likely to become a base for right-wing extremism if a similar scenario were to play out in that country.

Officials from Azov have bluntly stated that the movement sought to create a far-right coalition spanning the entire Western world with the end goal being to take power over the entire European continent.

Why the West may want Russia to invade Ukraine | Al Mayadeen English