US Senate Intel Committee Vice Chair Rubio Tweet-Timeline Russian Invasion Ukraine

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In his last tweet for the night, US Senator Rubio writes: “One very concerning development is #Russia has carried out a few targeted operations uncomfortably close to the Polish border. This is the danger of miscalculation & human error that can quickly lead to a catastrophic escalation”. 12:55 AM · Feb 24, 2022 Poland is in NATO, so then NATO would become involved.

From 9:06 pm US Eastern Time:
The #Russian invasion of #Ukraine is now underway
9:06 PM · Feb 23, 2022·

In the hours to come #Russia will
-conduct strikes on air defense systems
-move to cut off #Kyiv from eastern #Ukraine
-move to cut off Ukraine’s military forces on the line of contact in the east to prevent them from falling back to defend Kyiv
9:17 PM · Feb 23, 2022

The people of #Ukraine are tough people who will NEVER accept being ruled…

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