Only an abject fool or a sheeple could not see that the Media abruptly changed the channel between the two year running CovIDian cult psy-op and the Ukraine demonize Russia/Putin psy-op. The public is being led around by the nose…and subjected to whiplash–between the CovIDian Cult psy-op and the Ukraine psy-op. It’s disgusting to watch.

the Canadian Senate had not yet been completely commandeered and corrupted by the WEF. After all, at least half of the House of Commons is made up of WEF MP’s. So it was a huge shock when his toady’s came to him and gently informed him that the Senate vote was likely not going to go his way.

He’ll do anything to prevent the public knowing what happened surrounding The Emergency Act dying chapter of the two year CovIDian Cult Caper. So….what’s the next step? Declare War on Russia over Ukraine. Think about it. That is the ONLY news story big enough to bury the CovIDian Cult Fiasco. It’s not rocket science and it’s been in their back pockets for at least five years now.

Here is Trudeau threatening Russia with being kicked out of the SWIFT Global financial system . As if that was anything new. The West has been trying to kick Russia out of that system literally for a couple of decades now. Why? Because Russia has put in place safeguards to prevent it from being economically ransacked, according to the strategies described in John Perkins “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” .

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