Pentagon: Russian Convoy Moving Towards Kyiv Remains Stalled – YouTube

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby said the Russian convoy heading towards Kyiv remains stalled. The Pentagon assessed that Russia is regrouping after facing unexpected challenges of resistance from Ukraine.”

Supply issues and logistics problems are one cause.

Pentagon: Russian Convoy Towards Kyiv Remains Stalled – YouTube

Putin declared a ‘peace keeping mission’ with tanks moving into the entire country from all directions.. If he had limited his operation to the Republics, he might have had moral high ground.

The problem is that all dictators and despots end up ‘over reaching’, and that is a fatal flaw.

If Russia had peacefully appealed to other surrounding nations and offered multiple POSITIVE reasons for more nations joining the Warsaw Pact, in a way that out competed the NATO alliance, he might have won the high ground.

The US is also guilty of illegal wars in many nations, coups, economic take overs, and subversion of elections, including in Ukraine. Neither the US nor Russia has the high moral ground here.

Nuclear weapons just make this situation much worse, and this entire morass can turn into a WORLD WAR III, involving nuclear weapons launched by both sides, and then drawing in other nuclear ‘players’.