Ukraine No-Fly Zone – In Saner Thought

the US announcing a no-fly zone in Ukraine would be an American declaration of war on Russia — the first major conflict between the two nations that, put together, control 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons.

“A No Fly Zone is not a magical umbrella that prevents planes flying in a given area. It’s a decision to shoot at planes that fly in a given area,” explains Olga Oliker, the International Crisis Group’s director for Europe and Central Asia. “To put in a no fly zone is to go to war.”

This would put NATO and the US in direct action against Russia if the ‘zone’ is to be enforced….now is that really something the US needs to do?  (Think Afghanistan and Iraq)

But all this depends on how much lobbying and cash is passed around in DC…..I remember how Wilson was conned into WW1….will Biden be that easy?

The ‘No-Fly Zone’ is a really bad idea.

Ukraine No-Fly Zone – In Saner Thought

In a chess game between billionaires, human ‘pawns’ are the first to be sacrificed.