Australian police; they have declared war on us; radiation burns


They’re using radiation poisoning on the people please listen to this.
These people are Nazis they are criminals they’re not police officers they do not represent serve and protect do not be in fear people but do not protest anymore as this is the weaponry they will use on you we have to be smart we have to get them when they’re separated we have to know who they are and take them out one by one we have to work together I make no apologies I wage no war on anyone who has not waged war on me and my people.

They are the lowest comebacks on this planet and when we all know it we will take action

They have declared war on us listen to this

russell19 They were hit by microwave cannons. What she’s describing are all the symptoms of microwave sickness (also known as radiofrequency sickness, radiation sickness, electrosensitivity, etc) and there’s basically nothing you can do about it now because they burned out your nervous system. From now on you’ll experience extensive health effects from exposure to things like cell phones, cell towers, wifi, and even the electrical wiring in your home if your case is bad enough.

Months prior to these trucker convoys I was warning people in the BitChute comments to make sure they do not go to any capitals to protest because these governments have high-powered energy weapons and have no problem using them on civilians including children. People in the replies called me a coward and said I don’t know what I’m talking about even though I unfortunately have been on the receiving end of this kind of stuff. As damning as it sounds, all of these people charged headfirst with their children into an opponent with energy weapons and they took zero precautions. You would have to wear a microwave radiation suit to protect yourself from this stuff, and even if you were 100% protected against microwaves (and you can’t be) then the laser cannons would be rolled out and they’ll just start straight-up vaporizing people on the spot