Peace = Kind | Building Peace in Schools – YouTube

How does a school embrace peace education? We see how John of Rolleston Primary School, in the village of Rolleston-on-Dove, Staffordshire, puts peace at the heart of its community.

The film features some of the children’s own animations, exploring what they think a peaceful school, and peaceful classroom look like. The school works closely with Peacemakers (Peacemakers: ), a charity in Birmingham. Initially sceptical, year 3 Teacher Samantha Duda Spencer, explains the impact she sees regular Peacemaker circle time having on the children.

“They will be our citizens of the future; they’ll need to know how to manage conflicts, how to work together, how to be resilient, how to support and listen, teaching them from a young age will really do that”.

Headteacher, Richard Simcox, explains how peace education, “has a longevity and has an impact” which is why they have decided to “hold onto it” as part of the school’s core values.

“If all children had the opportunity to learn peacebuilding skills, and to take part in a curriculum led by peace, supported by peace, then we would have a more peaceful society. We wouldn’t necessarily have less conflict, but we would have better ways of managing that conflict”.

Peace = Kind | Building Peace in Schools – YouTube


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