All Ukrainian Media Are Now Controlled by Zelensky and His Oligarch Benefactor

Raids have taken place at the homes of the most famous journalists, particularly those who have investigated corruption cases. Some of them disappeared without it being known whether they were arrested or went underground.

The 1+1 Media Group, owned by oligarch Igor Kolomoyskyi (president Zelensky’s protector and the godfather of the Ukrainian mafia), seems to oversee this control over all communication coming out of Ukraine. This is hardly a “democratic” move, but this information supports the Russian contention that the war in Ukraine is not going Zelensky’s way..

Moreover, the simultaneous banning of opposition political parties belies the interpretation of the conflict as pitting a dictatorship, Russia, against a democracy, Ukraine. To coincide with the extreme media clampdown, armed soldiers were dispatched by the Ukrainian mafia boss to occupy a state-owned oil company. His private militia took over the offices of oil company UkrTransNafta in order to protect his financial interests.

All Ukrainian Media Are Now Controlled by Zelensky and His Oligarch Benefactor