Sham Bailout Statistics Shroud Shutdown Tyranny | AIER

PPP loans – a.k.a. “Magic Beans” – are so effective that they saved more jobs than the total number of employees in at least 15 industries. Landscape architecture firms “retained 114,000 jobs — more than three times the number of people who worked in that sector in 2019,” the Post reported. The SBA also claimed that the PPP loans “preserved tens of thousands more jobs than are known to exist in other industry sectors,” including specialty food stores, cattle ranching, performing arts companies, corn and wheat farming, and fishing.

The SBA reported that a Washington state sprinkler system installer “retained more than 500 jobs” thanks to PPP but the firm has only 20 employees. A Georgia company that sells air guns and shipping bags was credited with saving 500+ jobs but has less than ten people on its payroll. Similarly, a Texas church was credited with retaining 500+ jobs – a true miracle, considering the church has only 12 employees. 

Trump administration officials ignored plenty of warning signs of its “dumpster fire” bailout data. Wells Fargo issued almost 4,000 PPP loans and “every single applicant listed nothing in the jobs field, according to the SBA data,” the Post reported. Whatever.

Sham Bailout Statistics Shroud Shutdown Tyranny | AIER