Why U.S. Population Growth Is in the Danger Zone – The Atlantic

U.S. growth didn’t slowly fade away: It slipped, and slipped, and then fell off a cliff. The 2010s were already demographically stagnant; every year from 2011 to 2017, the U.S. grew by only 2 million people. In 2020, the U.S. grew by just 1.1 million. Last year, we added only 393,000 people.

As recently as 2016, net immigration to the United States exceeded 1 million people. But immigration has since collapsed by about 75 percent, falling below 250,000 last year. Immigration fell by more than half in almost all of the hot spots for foreign-born migrants, including New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Simply put, the U.S. has too few births, too many deaths, and not enough immigrants. Whether by accident, design, or a total misunderstanding of basic economics, America has steered itself into the demographic danger zone.

Why U.S. Population Growth Is in the Danger Zone – The Atlantic

One thought on “Why U.S. Population Growth Is in the Danger Zone – The Atlantic

  1. Why US Population is in the danger zone / and US growth didn’t slowly fade away, it slipped and slipped and then fell off a cliff ?

    The Diaper and Baby products manufactures are probably crying wolf with this study, because they have employees and no lay-offs and the Military is not indicating there is a shortage of men and women ?

    However if this is of concern, no need to worry until the Government start limiting sexual intercourse, the number of kids an individual can have and curtailing the number of individuals entering the US.


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