China warns of global economic havoc —

Xi argued that tensions in Ukraine have built up over a period of decades, and resolving the conflict would require addressing the security concerns of all parties involved. Chinese officials have spoken out against anti-Russia sanctions and blamed the US and its NATO allies for instigating the conflict by expanding eastward. On Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian told reporters that NATO should have been disbanded following the breakup of the Soviet Union three decades ago.

“Neither the world nor Europe needs a new Cold War,” Zhao said“The Ukraine crisis has dragged on for more than one month, and the overwhelming majority of the international community hopes to promote peace talks and stop hostilities as soon as possible. NATO should reflect on what role it played in the European security issue and the Ukraine crisis.”

Xi called on the EU to form its own perception of China and adopt an independent policy toward Beijing. Zhao said Washington was the “leading instigator” of the Ukraine crisis, having led NATO in five rounds of eastward expansion since 1999. “Forcing others to take a side is ill-advised,” he added. “Adopting a black-and-white approach to divide others into friends or foes is unwise.”

China warns of global economic havoc — RT World News