Pfizer Confidential: 1 infant DEATH vs 1 Successful Birth, Breastfeeding includes spike protein shedding to infants

Summary: Only two births were recorded, one was successful and another resulted in infant deathBreastfeeding indeed affects infants and proves mRNA vaccine shedding by breastfeeding mothers.

If I was a regulator, and if a company presented a product that results in a 50:50 proportion of infant births to deaths, I would personally be alarmed. I would ask for a pause in giving it to women who could get pregnant until more investigations can be done.

Out of 133 breastfeeding vaccinated mothers reported, there were 17 cases of adverse events in breastfed infants. Three of them were “serious”.

I would say that mothers and pregnant women were misled by the “FDA” and so called “health experts”. They were also misled by people like “Bill McCarthy”, a policy and journalism major who wrote the above gem, who has no health science background, and who misled pregnant and breastfeeding women for money along with the rest of corporate media.

igorchudov.substack Pfizer Confidential: 1 infant DEATH vs 1 Successful Birth