Revealed: 7 in 10 ‘Vaccinated’ CDC Employees Got COVID | GreenMedInfo

How many CDC personnel are working remotely? She has no idea. How many of the CDC’s employees have been jabbed? She has no clue. Why has basic research not been done to determine whether natural immunity is as adequate as the jab? She provides some circular argument about not having unbiased correlative data, even though Cassidy just told her how the data they already have could be used to find this answer.

She pats herself on the back for her agency’s transparency, while evidence is presented showing the CDC is intentionally withholding crucial vaccine data. She says science is a gray zone while simultaneously accusing people of spreading misinformation when they don’t agree with her.

She lies about the types of adverse events that are reported to VAERS in what appears to be a blatant effort to undermine this valuable safety tool, and admits to making public health decisions based on Pfizer press releases instead. The fact that 7 in 10 vaccinated CDC employees got breakthrough infections didn’t even clue Walensky in to the possibility that the COVID jab might be useless.

On a side note, more evidence of this was recently revealed by Princess Cruises, which reported an outbreak onboard the Ruby Princess in March 2022, despite a 100% vaccination rate among both crew and passengers, plus proof of a negative COVID test prior to boarding.26

Revealed: 7 in 10 ‘Vaccinated’ CDC Employees Got COVID | GreenMedInfo

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  1. Before Covid, closed in quarters were perilous because you did not know the medical condition of all the individual inside.

    Food preparations, anytime you are preparing food and you are talking during this process can be perilous…..u have two saliva ducts underneath your tongues and at times while talking these ducts squirt…..yes while eating at restaurants you probably had some extra seasoning……YES masks should be worn during food preparations.

    As for transparency and the CDC during COVID, they could have done better, however were their tongues stymied, more likely than not.


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