Did US Sanctions Cause Japan To Attack Pearl Harbor? – Pearl Harbor

Unwilling to allow Japan to go unchecked in its occupation of foreign territories, the United States imposed a series of hefty sanctions against Japan. The sanctions froze assets within the United States, resulting in the loss of three-quarters of Japan’s overseas trade. Additionally, over 80% of Japan’s imported oil supply was severed, a serious blow, especially to Japan’s Imperial Navy.

Before the imposition of the sanctions, Japan’s oil reserves were supposed to be sufficient to last three years, but with an expansion of its navy and further activity in the Pacific, that estimation would be reduced immensely.

134 days after the sanctions were put into place, the United States received Japan’s response in the form of a devastating attack on their Oahu naval base.

Did American Sanctions Spur Pearl Harbor? – Pearl Harbor

Leaving no ‘out’ for an enemy, leaves only desperation and an attempt at taking them out completely, with a massive strike, as Japan attempted against the US. Will the devastating sanctions against Russia result in a nuclear strike by Russia against the US?

History says yes….