Ukraine refugees face risk of human trafficking; Russia Declares Babylon Has Fallen! – Life, Death and all between

Putin appears to be strategically hitting black ops in Ukraine. It is said that Ukraine has become a den of corruption and a hub for sex trafficking, human and child trafficking, money laundering, bio-lab experimentation, and who knows what else. All of this is sponsored by US politicians and Khazarian oligarchs who desire to achieve a one world order. The EU is fully aware of what takes place in Ukraine…many have taken part in their share of the world corruption and are in league with the United Nations to bring this utopia of tyranny into fruition.

Ukraine has become a wicked hub for child trafficking from all over the world. Almost 230,000 Ukrainians have become victims of human trafficking since 1991.

Watch video from USA Today: Ukraine refugees face risk of human trafficking (

Russia Declares Babylon Has Fallen, Has Fallen! – Life, Death and all between