The WHO’s New Pandemic Treaty: A “New Global Public Health World

The World Health Organization (WHO) is moving to create an international Pandemic Treaty which could impose more restrictive and legally binding pandemic policies among its 194 member nations, essentially given the WHO the power to preempt the national sovereignty of member States, and by implication, the civil liberties and health rights of the world’s citizens. 

Back in December 2021, the World Health Assembly – the WHO’s 194 member health policy forum – agreed to initiate a global process of drafting a new “pandemic treaty,” building off of the already existing international legal instrument regulating the global spread of disease known as The International Health Regulations (2005) (the “IHR”)

have the sole right to both declare a global pandemic, and thereafter impose restrictions upon trade and travel between nations? How about lockdowns, medical surveillance, testing and mandatory vaccinations? Would censorship and cancel culture increase after such an intergovernmental agreement is struck? What of growing concerns that such a treaty would inject a new supra-national global governance structure in the world, rendering the former sovereignty of nation states and their constituent laws and citizen’s protections, and in the case of the United States the US Constitution and Bill of Rights itself, void in times of what we are being told is an inevitable, future pandemic or declared global health emergency?


greenmedinfo The WHO’s New Pandemic Treaty: A “New Global Public Health World