Venom Theory: Is Covid-19 Being Spread Via Drinking Water? – NewsWars

A 2021 study also connected the Chinese Krait and King Cobra to the Covid-19 spike protein, explaining, “the discovery of a superantigen-like motif in the S1 Spike protein, as well as two other neurotoxin-like motifs that have peptide similarities to neurotoxins from Ophiophagus (cobra) and Bungarus genera.

Both Remdesivir and King Cobra venom increase prothrombin time in test subjects, and as the doctor noted, a 2021 University of Arizona study examining blood samples from hundreds of people who died after being treated with Remdesivir found the drug raced through their bodies “like venom.”

“I think this is the plan all along, was to get the serpent’s… the evil one’s DNA into your God-created DNA and they figured out a way to do it through this mRNA technology,” he stated. “They are using mRNA, I believe extracted from the King Cobra venom. I think they want to get that venom inside you and make you a hybrid of Satan, no longer just belonging to God or a creation of God’s.”

Venom Theory: Is Covid-19 Being Spread Via Drinking Water? – NewsWars

Not everyone will agree with all of the above theories, but it is well worth considering at least parts of what Dr Ardis is pointing at, such as the biolabs experimenting with creating MRNA products by genetically combining animal poisons, toxins, viruses and more, into something that can be injected for profit.

For example, a lack of zinc may also cause loss of taste and smell, and the body signs of a zinc deficiency mimic what people are reporting as COVID19 symptoms.