Surrendered mercenary Aiden Aslin being interrogated

Counter Information

British mercenary Aiden Aslin (CossackGundi) “forgot” his Russian language and said that he did not participate in hostilities in Ukraine as soon as he was captured.

The video of his interrogation shows Aslin pretending that he does not speak Russian. A little while later, he says that he can understand Russian fifty-fifty. He was then asked whether he killed people.

“I don’t know,” the British mercenary replied and proceeded to say that he “did not do any fighting.” When he was asked whether he had seen someone else killing people in his presence, Aslin said: “No.”

It was earlier reported that Aiden Aslin, a well-known British mercenary, turned out to be among the Ukrainian military men, who were taken prisoners of war in Mariupol. His relatives asked the Russian administration to release him. They said that Aslin was married to a Ukrainian woman and was allegedly subject to a…

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