Archangel Gabriel – Old Patterning

In some cases, you may need to make a big shift in your relationship to stop old patterning. If you have been in a dance of unhealthy boundaries with another for a long time, you may fear this will end your relationship but the reality is your relationship, if it is wildly out of balance, is doomed to fail. Moving into healthier boundaries is exactly what will give your relationship a chance.

In other cases, you may slowly start shifting things in a way that won’t feel as drastic to others. This can start by you simply feeling into your truth before you answer or act. Ask yourself, is this fair and empowering for everyone involved? You can start saying no to others (or yes to yourself!), or start delegating activities to others that they can easily do for themselves, slowly but surely, to start to enact more gradual change. This requires commitment on your part to stay consciously aware and not fall back into old patterns

Daily Message ~ Thursday April 21, 2022 – Trinity Esoterics