Dr. David Minkoff – General Principles to Consider When Treating Chronic Illness

With oxygen, you can stimulate a body to heal. You can stimulate a joint cartilage to grow. You can stimulate a tendon to strengthen and you can stimulate an immune system to get stronger. You can kill off bugs, Lyme, and put viruses at bay. It’s just a massive game changer. ~ Dr. David Minkoff

Oftentimes, an infected root canal is found to be the offender. Minkoff has a biological dentist nearby. If a dental problem is suspected, he’ll send the patient there for a three-dimensional cone beam CT scan, which can clearly identify any problem areas that aren’t visible using a two-dimensional X-ray. Another really helpful diagnostic is darkfield blood analysis (aka, live-cell microscopy), which Minkoff learned to use under Rau.

“I find that it’s very helpful because sick people have bad-looking blood,” he says. “Their physical examination is often fine, their reflexes are fine, their heart sounds fine and their liver and kidney are fine [but they feel terrible] … We throw the blood up on there and look at it and we’re like, ‘Holy smokes.’ There are bio-films all over, there’s fibrin deposits and there’s organisms …

mercola Dr. David Minkoff – General Principles to Consider When Treating Chronic Illness