More Fluoride Exposure Leads to Less Sleep

Tired? Exposure to higher levels of fluoride in drinking water has been linked to less sleep, likely due to its adverse effects on the pineal gland — raising questions that it could also interfere with this gland’s role as the “seat of the soul.”

Your pineal gland, a pea-sized neuroendocrine organ located near your brain’s center, has been revered as the primary “seat of the soul” for centuries — and was even described as the place where all human thoughts are formed.[i]

Dozens of studies have highlighted fluoride’s role as a neurotoxin, particularly its link to lower IQ in children,[iii] but only two studies to date have looked into its connection to sleep.

The first, published in Environmental Health in 2019,[iv] found that a median increase in water fluoride concentrations was associated with nearly twice the risk of symptoms suggestive of sleep apnea, along with later bedtimes (by 24 minutes) and later morning wake times (by 26 minutes) among adolescents.

naturalblaze More Fluoride Exposure Leads to Less Sleep