VAXXING THE SHEEPLE: COVID-19 is the largest Asch Conformity Experiment ever conducted – Dr. Eddy Bettermann MD

The Solomon Asch Conformity Experiment has been conducted on the world’s stage. A “virus” that was no more deadly than the seasonal flu, was purported to be the next Black Plague, and the masses were made to believe that everyone was getting vaccinated and wearing masks to “save themselves” from sure death. That’s what vaccine passports were really about, to show everyone how “dumb” and “reckless” they were if they did not get one. Get it? The fear of non-conformity drove the sheeple to get deadly blood-clotting vaccines and wear oxygen-depriving masks all day long.

Most people know that vaccines take years to develop in laboratories and must go through extensive clinical trials before they are cast in the public domain for mass injection. The COVID vaccines were rushed to market and even labeled “for emergency authorization” and “emergency use” only. In other words, billions of people KNEW they were taking part in a dangerous experiment, but chose to do so because the mass media made them THINK everyone else was conforming, before they even did.

Most humans, while wearing a mask, would admit they cannot breathe properly, and would remove it after a short period of time, using common sense to understand it would affect their health and well-being if they kept wearing it, all day, everywhere they went. The narrative was the opposite though and convinced them that it was “safe and effective” to cut off 20 percent of your oxygen supply all day, to save yourself from COVID-19, another concocted conspiracy theory never proven to be real (the pandemic “virus” still has yet to be isolated in a lab). That’s why PCR tests are all fake. They’re just another tool of the Asch Conformity Experiment.