Dr. Raymond Peat…Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: How It Develops and How to Reverse It

People who are hypothyroid both overproduce estrogen and cannot detoxify it, causing it to accumulate in their body.Needless to say, both of these problems tend to cause estrogen to build up to dangerous levels.Unfortunately, this isn’t caught through blood testing because estrogen tends to accumulate in the tissue, not in the blood.

The thymus gland sits right behind your breastbone and it plays the important role of regulating your immune system.

You see, estrogen (and cortisol, which is also overproduced in hypothyroidism) causes involution, or degeneration, of the thymus gland.

Not only does estrogen damage your thymus gland, it also increases the production of autoimmune antibodies.

As Dr. Raymond Peat points out…

“While this is happening [degeneration of the thymus gland], the B cells, which normally are under the control of the thymus cells, are not killed by estrogen, and actually seem to be stimulated by estrogen to produce certain types of antibodies, but they are more likely to produce autoimmune antibodies.”

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: How It Develops and How to Reverse It