$40 Billion War Fever Grips Congress as U.S. Escalates Ukraine War – CounterPunch.org

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine must be condemned. But the Administration has been telegraphing for weeks that its war aims now go well beyond defending Ukraine. President Biden said that President Putin cannot remain in power. Secretary of Defense Austin said the U.S. seeks to weaken Russia. And Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that we are fighting until “victory”.

“We’re not just at war to support the Ukrainians; we’re fundamentally at war, although somewhat through a proxy, with Russia, and it’s important that we win,” commented Rep. Seth Moulton on Sunday. This is the war that Massachusetts House members voted to fund.

The Biden Administration has not outlined a strategy for ending the war – only one for hitting back at Russia. Secretary of State Blinken has not met with Russian Foreign Secretary Lavrov since the Russian invasion started more than two months ago. There is no off ramp. There is no diplomacy.

$40 Billion War Fever Grips Congress as U.S. Escalates Ukraine War – CounterPunch.org

The dogs of constantly escalating war have been unleashed. This is exactly how WWI and WWII started. Constant escalation dragged pretty much the entire world into it, but now multiple nations have enough nuclear weapons to end all life on the planet.. War is now obsolete.

But the thinking and GREED leading to never ending wars has not ended, yet.

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