Ukraine turns off Europe-bound gas — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Kupriyanov also said that Gazprom has been notified by Ukraine’s gas company Naftogaz that if Russia continues to supply gas through Sokhranovka, Kiev will reduce the volume at the point of exit by the same amount, effectively confiscating the gas.

Gazprom is fulfilling all of its obligations to its European customers, with all the transit services in accordance with the terms of the contract and paid in full, Kupriyanov pointed out. Moscow has continued gas deliveries to Europe, including transit through Ukraine, regardless of the ongoing military operation and the embargoes against Russia imposed by the US and its allies in the EU. 

Ukraine turns off Europe-bound gas — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Maybe Zelensky is holding the EU hostage, until he gets his 40 BILLION in US taxpayer money and weapons, plus maybe 10% for the BIG GUY?