NATO member Turkey invades and bombs 2 Countries – NATO does nothing.. – The Free

While NATO and the West express horror at Russia invading Ukraine to protect ethnic Russians there is still silence at Turkey, a NATO member, invading, occupying and ethnically cleansing Afrin and other parts of North Syria for years on end.

Turkey has also invaded Iraq where it has illegal bases and constantly bombs Kurdish and Yezidi minorities there , even with US made jets from the NATO base at Incirlik

Now Turkey openly tries to blackmail NATO itself to force a further crackdown on Kurdish exiles in Europe who protest attempted physical and cultural genocide by the ruling neo fascist regime.

Hypocrisy! NATO member Turkey invades and bombs 2 Countries to genocide Kurds for years – NATO does nothing.. – The Free

NATO claims to be like a pure virgin, holy, spotless and pure…. but what is it really?