US/EU are sacrificing Ukraine to ‘weaken Russia’: Fmr. NATO adviser – YouTube

US, EU sacrificing Ukraine to ‘weaken Russia’: fmr. NATO adviser

As the Russia-Ukraine war enters a new phase, former Swiss intelligence officer, senior United Nations official, and NATO advisor Jacques Baud analyzes the conflict and argues that the US and its allies are exploiting Ukraine in a longstanding campaign to bleed its Russian neighbor.

Guest: Jacques Baud. Former intelligence officer with the Swiss Strategic Intelligence Service who has served in a number of senior security and advisory positions at NATO, the United Nations, and with the Swiss military.

US, EU sacrificing Ukraine to ‘weaken Russia’: fmr. NATO adviser – YouTube

Gregory Wonderwheel There’s never just one reason for something like this. Here there has been multiple causes. Wanting to join NATO, to have USA weapons systems, planning a major attack on the Donbas, and the other items stated here. And then there was the last straw of Zelenskyy going to Munich and saying they wanted to develop nuclear weapons. One week later Putin pulled the trigger to invade. Everyone seems to be overlooking Zelenskyy talking about getting nukes just before the military action.