Victory Day in the Ukraine – Ukraine War & Aftermath

Under the Ukraine, the orange-and-black “George’s ribbon” color scheme (see the banner in the video) was banned.  Victory Day (May 9th) was officially cancelled, and parades or demonstrations were not permitted by local authorities. People who came out to celebrate in small gatherings in parks, were harassed, even pushed around or beaten by fascist hooligans—and “surveilled” and “dossier’ed” and sometimes even arrested by the Ukraine Security Service. 

Anyone with a government job who was “caught” at one of these outings, would have been fired.

The “Maidan regime” aimed to reinvent the Ukraine, to write Russia out of its history completely, so much that the Ukraine’s role in WWII was more-or-less erased, save for glorification of Banderite guerillas—the Volhynia genocide folks—in the far northwest. 

Victory Day in the Ukraine – Ukraine War & Aftermath