Whither Slava Ukraini? — Strategic Culture

The fact of the matter is the rank and file Azovs, like the rank and file of the Wehrmacht, were led up the garden path and into Russian captivity by their corrupt leaders. And, not only that, but their wives and mistresses, many of whom are die hard Nazis themselves, are still being led up the garden path with their shattered Slava Ukraini dreams of racist conquest.

The wives and girlfriends (WAGS) of the Azov Nazis are more serious folk than the WAGS of English footballers, who have recently been making spectacles of themselves in English courts. They visited Rome where they begged the Pope to intervene and one of their Mandarin speakers even appealed to President Xi on behalf of them all. President Xi, alas, has a full work load and has been around the block enough times not to be fooled by Katerina Prokopenko and Yulia Fedosiuk, the two pretty Nazi frauleins, who met Pope Francis and whose husbands, Arseniy Fedosiuk and Denis Prokopenko, most recently of the Mariupol steel works, are now Russia’s prisoners of war.

Although Ekaterina and Yulia told the Pope their husbands “love pets, books, and sports”, they forgot to tell them that they are senior Azov officers, who have no qualms about strapping Russian speaking families to lamp posts for children to sexually abuse. Perhaps the Pope is not interested in sordid stuff like that or the context in which their bookish husbands “went to the war 8 years ago”. Which forgotten war might that have been, Your Holiness and why has your office no comments to make on the child victims of that war of aggression?

Whither Slava Ukraini? — Strategic Culture