Annual Gun Law Scorecard | Giffords

Each year, our attorneys track and analyze gun legislation in all 50 states, assigning laws and policies point values. States are ranked and given letter grades, which are then compared to the most recent gun death rates released by the CDC. For over a decade now, the data has shown that commonsense gun laws prevent gun violence—but only in the states with the courage to enact them.

Select a state on the map or in the table to view that state’s individual scorecard.

2021 Annual Scorecard | Giffords

One thought on “Annual Gun Law Scorecard | Giffords

  1. Gun Laws are merely useless, too many legal and illegal guns are on the street.

    I have no Criminal record and I do not own a firearm, however if I became a Criminal I can buy a firearm from the streets maybe not right away but with money an illegal weapon can be bought, it may not be your gun of choice, but its a real gun and it will shoot real bullets.

    Does anyone think they will shut down firearm companies NO……WHY…..too many jobs will be lost and the CEO’s have no plans of losing millions and extra benefits.

    Unfortuntely crime creates problems for many, however who and how many would be without jobs, new jobs and fringe benefits if there was no crime, millions.

    If crime is not the ” LUCK OF THE DRAW ” it could be that old adage ” NATURE “.

    NATURE……A casual agent creating and controlling things in the universe.


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