Red Cross DENIES Russia ANY information on Russian POWs – The Collective of One

Russia has approached the International Committee of the Red Cross for information on Russian prisoners of war who have been captured by the Ukrainians, as well as a request to facilitate their visit. This was stated by Tatyana Moskalkova, who is Russia’s Commissioner for Human Rights, a kind of Ombudsman.Moskalkova has approached the President of the International Committee of the Red Cross, Peter Maurer, with the request and hopes that her next appeal will not go unnoticed.Moskalkova said that despite repeated appeals, the Russian side has not yet received any information about the fate of the Russian POWs.

The Ombudsman noted that neither they nor their relatives knew about the psychological and physical state of the Russian POWs, and that they did not know whether or not the Red Cross representatives had visited them. The Russian side had no information on compliance with the provisions of the Geneva Convention concerning prisoners of war.

Red Cross denies Russia information on Russian POWs – El colectivo de Uno / The Collective of One