The British Snookered the U.S. Again In Ukraine—Will This Carnage Finally End the Special Relationship?

Through the Commonwealth, Queen Elizabeth heads a bloc of 54 nations, representing 1/3 of the world’s population, who were formerly part of the British Empire. The British military and Foreign Office play a dominant role in NATO. British universities, through Britain’s “soft power” Rhodes scholarships and similar mind-shaping programs, remain the ticket to high-level US government positions. Jake Sullivan, Susan Rice, and Pete Buttigieg, for example, are Rhodes scholars. A host of other Biden officials hold British degrees. Before assuming his current National Security Council post, Sullivan worked for Macro Advisory Partners, a London firm chaired by the former head of MI6, John Sawers.

Yet, the actual power of the British throne and its associated City of London banking complex is deliberately disguised in the US. It is treated as so much quaint fodder for the entertainment and gossip pages.

Those who deny London’s power don’t know their history, and are blinded by ideology. Ideas, culture, and the realized creative powers of human beings shape a nation’s success in history. From 1776 forward, the British Empire has sought to destroy the United States by waging war against its scientific and technologically proud culture. The most important aspect of this war has been the elimination of the American assumption that there are knowable universal truths, and that humans are endowed by God with unique powers of mind, allowing them to create and change the environment around them. Continuous scientific and technological progress, and industrial-development assistance to weaker nations were once moral imperatives in our culture. British economic and philosophical nostrums have replaced these virtues with human degradation to the level of beasts. We now celebrate “free trade,” the very doctrine we fought a revolution against. Our history has been rewritten, suppressing the uniquely American parts—while elevating British traitors.

The British Snookered the U.S. Again In Ukraine—Will This Carnage Finally End the Special Relationship? – LaRouchePAC

A global colonial empire will use proxy countries to achieve it’s goals. In this case, the US empire seeks to squash any competition, namely Russia and China, plus anyone else daring to oppose US military industrial complex ‘orders’.