The most violent country on Earth | Morning Star

To change the US obsession with the gun requires a deep social change and a sustained rejection of its many cultural glorifications of shooting.

Alongside the longest list of starting wars in the history of the world, the US has the second-largest nuclear arsenal; 800 military bases around the world; the deployment of active-duty military troops in 150 countries; the largest military spending programme on Earth; and the longest track record of assassination attempts of political leaders it dislikes in other countries — whether Allende, Castro, Chavez, Maduro, Ocalan or many others.

It has circled Russia and China with every weapon at its disposal. It was the first to use nuclear weaponry. It is now attempting to get its nukes back into Britain. It has murderous sanctions on 24 countries, and legions of paramilitary mercenaries and hit-men.

The most violent country on Earth | Morning Star